Назофаренгеальный воздуховод1      KIEVGUMA LLC is a Ukrainian manufacturer with 86 years of experience in the field so that our products are presented in all sectors of the industry and in medicine. Throughout its history, the Company gave life to thousands of products necessary in everyday life for every person, notwithstanding, an adult or a child. Being now the enterprise of a national scale, we continue to create products of high value in order to save a human life. So, today, KIEVGUMA LLC offers a new domestic emergency device for breathing recovery of the injured - called “Nasopharyngeal airway”. This is a new generation tool designed for mechanical recovery of the airway.

     Very often, the aggrieved person can get such injuries, because of which he cannot breathe spontaneously, or in the other case, there may appear a situation, when a person loses consciousness and relaxed jaw muscles allow the tongue sink down into his throat. In such cases, a person's life in the pre-clinical conditions can be saved with the help of a nasopharyngeal airway.
Назофаренгеальный воздуховод2

     This product is a curved flexible polymer tube. The airway, on the one hand, has a smooth cut for ease of its administration into the nostril, and on the other - an extension in the form of a ring, which prevents the handset to fully slip inside the throat of the injured. A nasopharyngeal airway does not cause such strong gag reflex as an oral airway. Also, in contrast to an oral airway, a nasopharyngeal airway provides better airway, while moving and transporting the injured person.

   The device is simple and easy to use. For ease of its administration into the nostril and as a unit of the nasopharyngeal airway set, there added a special grease-lubricant. The product manufactured in four sizes: 28, 30, 32 and 34. A nasopharyngeal airway is an expendable product, packaged in a sterilization bag, on the reverse side of which there applied an instruction for use. Owing to the fact that the airway is made of polymer blend, it ​​does not cause allergic reactions.

Назофаренгеальный воздуховод3


     A nasopharyngeal airway of KIEVGUMA LLC is now being tested in the field and has already received positive feedback from qualified professionals. We are confident that in the future the nasopharyngeal airway will become a reliable device not only in the combat conditions, but will be a part of the emergency kits for hospitals and clinics, emergency units and other entities, whose activities are related to the first-aid treatment.

    The enterprise has implemented the quality management and safety management systems based on the international standards. At present KIEVGUMA LLC has the following certificates of conformity DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008), DSTU ISO 13485:2005 and the international certificates ТUV SUD ISO 9001:2008 and TÜV Austria EN ISO 13485:2012.