There is no doubt that today Kievguma is the leading company in its field. However, the continuous economy movement as well as competitiveness both within the country and in the international market make the rules at present. New opportunities for the companyare opening not only due to the new equipment installation and technologies improvement. The Company top-managers are sure that a renovated experienced team is the basis which can lead Kievguma towards the European development level. 

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Investments into our leading specialists, that are the investments into training and exhibitions visiting will provide the “dividends” very soon.

In order to receive practical knowledge regarding the business activity in the EU our specialist had a practical training in Europe: at BusinessLink, Krakow, Poland and at Technological Park and Business Incubator, Brno, Czech Republic. To form the same business skills the two other representatives of Kievguma studied according to the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Trade program at the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of Austria, Vienna. They received the international diplomas of WIFI Institute.

The most important topics in the process of study were regulations and methods, legal aspects and business development financing sources regarding business activity in the EU.

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 At the practical training “Availability in the EU Markets” our specialists had an intensive business course. Of course, it was not easy to understand some procedure moments but the interpreters, professors and highly qualified specialists always helped our representatives to receive answers and explanations to their questions.

One more important advantage is that thetrainings helped to find new friends and colleagues among representatives of the other Ukrainian companies with whom we will cooperate in future. The training program allows uniting people according to their interests and, probably, finding the ones to go together out of the difficult economic situation here in Ukraine.  

Studying abroad you get acquainted with languages and cultures of various countries, receive high quality education and new work perspectives, upgrade your professional level and get a prestigious diploma, move upwards the carrier stairs and as a result improve your self-assessment.

The representative of our company was delegated to the International pharmaceutical exhibition TheWorldofPharma, Products, People&Solutions or CPhIIstanbul 2017 conducted March 8 10, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was held together with the exhibitions of mechanisms and equipment for pharmaceutical industry P-MEC 2017, pharmaceutical packing InnoPack 2017, outsourcing services ICSEIstanbul 2017 and windows exhibitionISTANBULWINDOW 2017.

We received a lot of information about the last field tendencies and enlarging of professional dealer networks in the Asian market. We also conducted the negotiations with our potential business partners. Visiting the above mentioned exhibitions we get acquainted with the innovative solutions and technologies of pharmaceutical, bio pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical fields and window systems producers.