Within the Society Integration Program for people with special needs, supported by Brovary Town Mairie, Bohdan, who was diagnosed   infantilecerebral paralysis, visited Kievguma factory for the first time on May 19.
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We have already mentioned that Bohdan is making his small although very important contribution working at home and preparing plastic accessories for soothers. He was looking forward to this event – a trip to the factory.

It is difficult to imagine the work of a powerful production company. Neither the Internet, nor TV, nor photos will substitute the impression when you see it with your own eyes.

It is important to get acquainted with all goods production stages. What is the production place? What is the production process? It is a really meaningful visit for maybe any person still for people with special needs it is even more than important. This young person was so excited when he went sightseeing the production facilities. It is very important for everyone to realize that you are a small still very important part of the huge society mechanism. 

Kievguma is the largest company in Brovary. We are always open to help people with special needs to adapt to our society. We hope that the visit to the factory will open new life horizons for Bohdan and will help him to estimate his personal importance.

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