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On May 31, Algirdas Šemeta, the Business Ombudsman met with the Heads of Kyiv region. The business and Mass Media representatives also visited the meeting. Within the agenda, Mr Šemeta together with Kyiv Regional State Administration representatives visited Kievguma.
At the meeting, Andriy Ostrohrud, Kievguma CEO, together with Mr Šemeta and his colleagues discussed the last business tendencies for the enterprise and the whole country as well as the issues arising in the process of work which should be solved at the state level. Andriy Ostrohrud demonstrated a wide assortment 

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of products exhibited in the show room to the visitors. He also arranged a factory sightseeing tour so they would be able to see the production facilities. The guests were able to see the inside work of the biggest enterprise – the leader of rubber and technical industry. They received the information on the great variety of production processes. 
The Business Ombudsman Council was founded in 2014. The Council represents and defends the business interests at state authorities.
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 One of its key goals is to provide efficient system communication between the business and the authorities, state and local authorities as well the state owned or state subordinated enterprises. 

The BOC is funded through the Multi-Donor Account set up at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

 The donors оf the Multi-Donor Account include

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 the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the USA, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and the European Union. 
The company staff is really pleased that such a respectable institution headed by Mr Šemeta paid the visit to Kievguma.