On June 1 a delegation from Grodzisk, Poland visited Brovary, the town it is twinned with. The aim of the visit was communication and cooperation establishment in various fields – starting form economy and finishing with culture.

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    The delegation included: Mariush Zgainski, the Chief, Antony Clark, the Vice-Chief, as well as the representatives of different region authorities, including the local police Chief.

The aim of their visit was to conclude a complex agreement with the twinned town Brovary about development of close economic relations and mutual support in the social sphere.

Within the visit the Polish delegation visited the largest enterprise – Kievguma LLC – the Ukrainian industry leader in production of rubber, latex, PVC, TEPand silicone goods, which is also one of the most modern enterprises in our town.

Meeting the delegation, Andriy Ostrohrud, the Company CEO, announced that the company management is interested in experience exchange and commercial relations development between the company and Polish region. So the visit opened a lot of new promising perspectives for mutually favorable cooperation. 


  During the visit the guests got acquainted with the plant production facilities. They also were demonstrated some Kievguma products exhibited in the show room. The company product assortment line includes about 3,500 goods at present.

The members of the Polish delegation were impressed with the enterprise premises, production facilities and technologies as well as the specialists’ professional level and high management standards.