Передня частина коробки без бликов

We are glad to introduce you a new children products line – “Flowers of life”. Kievguma LLC was founded 87 years ago. It has been famous for its products for a very long time. This is the only Ukrainian company and one of a few foreign companies which has a full closed production cycle, starting from design and accessory production, mixpreparation and ending with finished goods production for various industries.
TodayKievguma offers a wide assortment of children products. Moreover, the company’s employees, helping mothers take care of their children, have cared about a new offer including an improved product line for the mothers and children of “Flowers of life” TM. The younger the age group is, the more qualitative the products should be and the more requirements are there for the production materials. Kievguma LLCtakes great responsibility for childrens’ health and safety. 
Babies’ sets have been popular for a long time already. Starting from its first products the company was able to earn a great reputation in the sphere of goods for our dearest and most precious babies as well. The products have always been so popular due to their simplicity and usefulness.   However, the company engineers have used any external technologies and solutionsin an extreme emergency, preferring to use their own inventions.

Now the company product range includes all the sets making the life of a mother and housewife more comfortable and simple, and the child’s life – more exciting and joyful. A new product line has more strict requirements regarding the quality, the improved accessories, a wider products range and new presentable packing. A child’s organism is very sensitive to harmful substances; so Kievguma LLC uses only ecological materials allowed by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine in its production. “Flowers of life” model lines offer maximum conveniences and comfort as they have a great number of useful functions and features.

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We are proud to state that our company products hold a rightful place among such trademarks as Canpol, BABYTEAM, Nuk and others.

Buying “Flowers of life” products you can be sure that your child is out of reach of danger and you will be satisfied with your correct choice and make sure one more time that good products can be produced not only abroad but in Ukraine and for moderate price as well.

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Enjoy your choice!!!