On October 6 our constant partners from the China Space Corporation (China) visited our company for the second time. The purpose of the visit aimed at discussing and continuing long-term cooperation and experience exchange between the companies. Since 2016 Kievguma LLC has been buying equipment and tools manufactured by the China Space Corporation. During this period, there established friendly and mutually beneficial partnership between two enterprises. The representatives of Kievguma LLC also visited the production facilities of the Chinese corporation. As a result of the meeting, Yuan Xiaoguy noted that preliminary agreements on further cooperation in the production and technical sphere have been reached, and, therefore, the joint projects on the proposals exchange being planned, namely, in concern of the innovative directions of our enterprises development.

           Thus, as a result of joint work, the new Chinese equipment allowed to significantly increase the production capacity of the pharmaceutical stoppers and to meet the orders of the foreign companies, which are manufacturers of the pharmaceutical products for the supply of medical stoppers.