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In the October issue of the popular magazine Moi Rebenok one more article about a new line of Kievguma products – the only full cycle Ukrainian producer of the goods for babies which are sold in 20 countries already, was published.

The magazine publishes the most important information on the various young parents’ interests specters for moms and dads. The pregnancy calendar, somepieces of advice and recommendations for future moms. The baby was born: its first days and months.Breast feeding and other important topics.

At one of the main topics of the 10th magazine issue, Kievguma, the company with many years of experience (87 years on the market), consults on the choice of a pacifier, milk feeding nipple, gum massager for kids and presents a new product line with European quality certificates. We hope it will really help our potential patients tolook out and make their correct choice concerning the purchase of so necessary goods for babies, manufactured by our Ukrainian producer.

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We are sure that together with Kievguma the young parents and future parents received a lot of interesting and useful information regarding such necessary products for kids during their first months.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the magazine pages of the Ukrainian Mass Media!

As there is no e-version of the magazine at the web site www.moirebenok.ua, please, follow the link to read the article published at the 10th magazine issue.