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In the next autumn issue of the magazine Moi Rebenok we tell about hot water bottles in soft knitted covers and footer covers for babies whichare so necessary things for each family as they can prevent cold and make sleeping more comfortable. In the article we inform our readers about so necessary thing for little noses as an aspirator.

Kievguma, the company with many years of experience, provides useful information and recommendations regarding the usage for young parents during the unstable autumn and winter period when viruses and temperature changes are a wide-spread reason of bad feeling of our little children.

You can make sure the right choice of the necessary goods from the Ukrainian producer once more confirms that Kievguma LLC is manufacturing its goods “caring about the children”.

You can read this article in the 11th issue of the magazine Moi Rebenok.

As there is no e-version of the magazine at the web site www.moirebenok.ua, please, follow the link to read the article published at the 11-th magazine issue.

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