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In the pre-New Year issue of the Moi Rebenok magazine we tell you about the choice criteria for the first and so necessary kids dinnerware. What is the most important thing: glass or plastic bottles; silicone, natural rubber or latex teats; the necessity of filtration sieve and measurement indications on the dinnerware…
Kievguma LLC, the experienced Ukrainian producer provides some useful information and recommendations for young parents simplifying the choice of the first dinnerware for kids.
A new line of high quality products Flowers of Life™ is also presented in the magazine.
You can make sure – the right choice of the necessary goods from the Ukrainian producer once more confirms that Kievguma LLC produces its goods “caring about the children”.
You can read this information in the 12th issue of the Moi Rebenok magazine.
As there is no e-version of the magazine at the web site www.moirebenok.ua, please, follow the link to read the article published at the 12th magazine issue.
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