marafon1        On December 19 in Brovary started the New Year Holidays Marathon which will continue till January 8, 2018. This is the greatest winter celebration in the town history. The Marathon is supported by Ihor Sapozhko, the town head and the leading enterprises of Brovary, KIEVGUMA LLC among them. So, the town residents have a wonderful opportunity to join fabulous celebration and enjoy an interesting entertainment program, magnificent illumination, bright photo areas, varied food court, festive speeches and wished from the main screen and other entertaining activities for 21 days.


     KIEVGUMA, the biggest Brovary enterprise, is a partner of Christmas Town location – about 40 everyday interactive programs and contests for children and the whole family. Moreover, KIEVGUMA has presented a marvelous Christmas tree and magic photo area to Brovary population. Two active town residents, who participated the Facebook drawing, received gift sets for baby care from the producer. Although, that is not the end: there will be lots of presents and surprises from KIEVGUMA in the near future!

KIEVGUMA congratulates all Brovary residents on the coming New Year and Holy Christmas and invites to join the Christmas Town celebration at Svobody Maidan.

We are looking forward to seeing you!