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    In Ukraine the Bleeding Control Day is celebrated three years in a row. According to the statistics about 90% of people die from considerable blood loss during the emergency situations. Thus, all over the world a lot of attention is paid to teaching common people to provide the first medical aid to the injured before the professional medical staff arriving. Unfortunately, according to the experts’ assessment, 80% of people do not know how to render the first medical aid.
    During the event conducted by the public organization Stop The Bleed, military medical staff and police officers conducted an open training teaching how to stop the bleeding for students, heads of educational institutions and teachers.
    The national producers represented their pre-first medical aid rendering products. Any stop bleeding product can save someone’s life, so all the possible suitable products, such as a gauze cap, Esmarch's bandage, tourniquets from various producers and OMEGA haemostatic bandage produced by Kievguma LLC were used at the training.

9519 s    Thanks to the similar events the common citizens learn how to take all the necessary actions to stop the critical bleeding. Their actions are based on the following principles: correctness and speed, forethought and assertiveness. Such trainings are in urgent needed for our society.

    Kievguma LLC, except Omega and Esmarch's bandages, presented a nasopharyngeal airway and all-military individual medical kit supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers.
     All the event participants and visitors received the Omega bandage produced by our company for their own needs.
The best national producers, such as Kievguma LLC, are always ready to promote the first medical aid rendering knowledge and continue cooperation with the specialists to work out and produce new progressive live saving means for people.