For Industry (Moulded and Unmoulded Rubber Goods)

Industry sector (moulded and unmoulded general mechanical rubber goods).

Up-to-date industry has a compelling need in industrial rubber products. There exists moulded and unmoulded general mechanical rubber goods, silicone products and non-vulcanized rubber mixes.

Circular cross-section rubber sealing rings for hydraulic devises, sealing rubber rings for hydraulic devises and steps for wells refer to moulded rubber goods.

To unmoulded rubber goods refer technical plates resistant to heat, cold, acid and alkali (HCAA) and oil and petrol resistant technical plates.

These technical plates are used for protection of different surfaces from environmental factors, chemical substances, from combustion and strokes (layer pads and covering), for insulation against temperature destructive effects and for pressure component impaction. Technical plates are rubber or rubber-textile; they can be soft, medium-hard or extra-hard.

Silicone products for industry and medicine take up great significance in progress. Silicon rubber grades Elastosil from German producer Waker –ChemieGmbh provides high quality to these products. Silicon produced by mentioned company maintain their properties at temperatures from -600С to +2000С through indefinite time. Medical silicone tubes, drainage with two or three channels, technical and food tubes, profiles of different configuration and round, rectangular and trapezoidal cords occupy foreground place in production line. Organic-silicone pipes, differed by high heat-resistance, are used as an electrically insulating material.

Non-vulcanized rubber mixes consists of caoutchouc and other components, provided high performance for general mechanical rubber goods (weatherstrips, laying, etc.) in aggressive environment of all kind.