For Farming Industry

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Specially designed nipple for feeding lambs, goats and pigs that imitates mother's udder.
To complete equipment procurement for plucking domestic and wild birds in the food processing industry.
The nipple is designed for providing a milk to a calf
Designed for products that come into contact with food.
Designed for completing the milking installations and equipment for the primary processing of milk.
Designed for complementing the food processing equipment
To improve the efficiency of sowing grain crops, cleaning grain and sieve grain cleaning machines.

Items for farming industry.

Not only economy industrial sector consumes a large amount of rubber goods, but farm sector also. Particularly everyone from rural population faced the necessity of young domestic animals hand-rearing. “Keivguma” LLC sets production of nipples for feeding lambs, goats and pigs. Nipple for calves feeding is different by it form and size, but all products meets zootechnical and veterinary requirements, imitates natural ubber, user-friendly and easy to care. With the help of nipples it is possible not only to feed young animals but also to give various medicine and strengthening agents dissolved in water. Nipples can be used with the bottles.

In accordance with specifications TU U 6 00152135.057-98 “Kievguma” LLC (Ukraine) produce such items as milk pipes. They are used for complete equipment with components at milk processing factories. Milk pipes available in the different diameters and three kinds: colored, black and vacuum tube.

DD.00.014A mammillary jacket is designed to complete milking installations and equipment for the primary processing of milk (milking parlor). Milk flow level considerably depends on mammillary jacket quality, thus to it is necessary to take into account the characteristics and quality of the material used for manufacturing this item.

Rubber food plate finds a use in farming industry. This product is in touch with food products, accordingly high standards applies to its quality. Rubber food plates are designed for manufacture of moulded and roll-fed; depending on the purpose of the plate they are produced according to six models and two group of hardness: medium and elevated.

High strength and abrasion resistance coating for animals barns is in great demand. It is used in stables, barns, animal farms, wild beast show and circus cages. The coating is water resistant, do not absorb odors, easy to care.