Medical Products

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Designed for sanitary and hygienic purposes as underlayer impermeable materials in health care facilities and households.
Hotwater bottles of A and B type are designed for local warming of the body (water bottle with stopper), washing and syringing (hotwater bottle with component parts)
Rubber Esmarch Irrigator is designed for sanitary and hygienic purposes
Widely used in medicine, namely in traumatology,departments infectious diseases, in devices for transfusion of blood and its components, speech therapy offices, used for the production of vaccines, bacterial and viral preparations, sera. Also pipes are used to connect the components of medical instruments.
A polyester fabric coated with PVC coating on the front side .
Designed for temporary bleeding control on the appropriate part of human body.
Designed for fixing splints and bandages
Convenient universal disposable urinal for use by men and women, allows a person to use the device where conventional hygienic conditions are not available.
Designed for protection and isolation of fingers in health care facilities and households.
Designed for canes, crutches and working lower-limb prostheses; designed for completion of prosthetic products and used for absorption when walking and for prevention of slipping
Designed for local cooling of the body
The primary means of protection of hands of medical personnel are latex medical gloves. The spread of infectious diseases requires the high-quality protection of medical staff
For emergency breathing recovery of injured person who has lost his/her breath due to the injury.
For production of means of protection from ionizing radiation in medicine and other industries.
For the military personnel of the Armed Forces, special forces units, police, Ministry of Emergency Response and Civil Emergency Aid Services for provision of the first pre-clinical aid

None procedures in the clinic or hospital can be performed without medical appliances. Medical appliances must be of high quality, environmentally friendly and reliable; these requirements are the most important aspects in the production activities of the employees of "Kievguma" LLC. Using the advanced technology, the latest devices and materials, an active searching for best practices have enabled the company to establish a production of a wide range of products that are successfully used in the medical industry in Ukraine and abroad. These goods include the most diverse rubber products: rubber hot-water bottles (A, B type), rubber-fabric drawsheet, drawsheet with the PVC-coat "Kolorit", rubber medical tubing and silicon tubing, universal urinals, Esmarch’s irrigator, tourniquets, Martens’ bandages, rubber finger guards, crutch guards, ice bags and latex surgical gloves (sterile). Almost every person is familiar with at least one of the above products or tools that are used by health professionals to help their patients.


Even regular consultation with the doctor requires the necessary list of the items that at any time may be required and should be always at hand, such as latex gloves or drawsheet, which are used for every patient. Ambulance teams cannot avoid using the tourniquets, bandages, the same items should be in every first aid kit. Many rubber medical devices are used in everyday life, for example, warming effect of hot water bottles with a cork can help during colds.


The "Kievguma" company has established a proper control over the quality of its products and continuously improves its production.