“Premium” tourist and hunter medical kit

“Premium” tourist and hunter medical kit will be helpful for drivers, athletes, hunters, tourists and fishers. It is used for emergency medical aid provision for wounded persons under the conditions directly threatening their life or health.

The medical kit includes the most essential medical goods for the emergency situations. The medical kit is compact so you will not need a lot of pace for it. The well-arranged inner design allows comfortable keeping of all the medical goods at the designated places.

“Premium” tourist and hunter medical kit includes more products comparing to the “Standard” version.


1 Dressing pack (bandage, 15 cm long) with haemostatic napkin 1 pc
2 Sterile gauze bandage, 7 m long, 14 cm wide 1 pc
3 Haemostatic agent Z-packaged 1 pc
4 Non-woven adhesive plaster, 3-5 m long, 2-3 cm wide 1 pc
5 Medical non-sterile nitrile gloves (size L) 2 pairs
6 OMEGA haemostatic mechanical rubber bandage 1 pc
7 Waterproof universal marker, black 1 pc
8 Stainless paramedic scissors, 19 cm 1 pc
9 Thermal blanket 210х160 cm 1 pc
10 Spray- hydrogen peroxide, 45 ml 1 pc
11 Bactericidal woven adhesive plaster 1 set (10 pcs)
12 “Krovospas” haemostatic napkin 2 pcs
13 Marker-iodine, 3 ml 1 pc
14 Medical rubber finger stall 1 set (10 pcs)
15 Alcohol wipes 5х5 cm 2 pcs
16 Condoms 1 set (3 pcs)
17 Safety pins 1 set (10 pcs)
18 Medical kit case 1 pc

The guaranteed service life is indicated on the individual packing of each product.



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