Used to provide first medical assistance. The first-aid kit is provided for the special force units, police, emergency response teams and other civil services.


  • Due to its design, the first-aid kit is a bag with one main section equipped by a zipper with two locks
  • Includes two separate inside pockets and slots
  • Bag material: waterproof high-strength textural fabric with polyurethane coating
  • First aid kit dimensions: 142х212х94 mm (width х length х depth)
  • Weight: 0.680 (+0.010) kg
  • Service life: not less than 30 months from the date of manufacture under the conditions of transportation and storage


No. Description Quality
1 Dressing pack (bandage, 15 cm long) with haemostatic napkin 1 pc
2 Sterile gauze bandage, 7 m long, 14 cm wide 1 pc
3 Haemostatic agent Z-packaged, chemical 1 pc
4 Non-woven adhesive plaster, 3-5 m long, 2-3 cm wide 1 pc
5 Medical non-sterile nitrile gloves (size L) 2 pairs
6 Haemostatic tourniquet type bandage 1 pc
7 OMEGA haemostatic mechanical rubber bandage 1 pc
8 Nasopharyngeal tube (nasopharyngeal airway) with lubricant 1 pc
9 Waterproof universal marker, black 1 pc
10 Stainless paramedic scissors, 19 cm 1 pc
11 Medical case 1 pc


Individual: polymer pack

Multiple: (corrugated box) – 20 pcs

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