You can be Useful even Staying at Home!

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Usually, it is very difficult to get a good job for people with special needs. There are a lot of limitations, difficulties and obstacles which they have to overcome in their everyday life. 

Kievguma is a socially oriented enterprise which creates working places for such people. Taking into account the health peculiarities not all people can work on the territory of the factory. Bohdan is one of the people who work at home. He works according to his personal schedule and makes his own contribution into production of the high goods quality. Bohdan’s task is not so difficult. He has to prepare plastic accessories for the final products assembly. Socially useful labour promotes his personality and self-esteem development and contributes to his full value in our society. 

We should not neglect the people with special needs. They need our understanding and equality of rights as they can bring lots of profits both for themselves and other people as well.

Kievguma conscientiously fulfills its obligations stipulated by the law of Ukraine regarding creation of working places for disabled people. We support social and ethical integration into the society as well as self-fulfilment of such people as Bohdan.

Kievguma, being the branch leader and the biggest Brovary enterprise, calls other socially oriented enterprises to help people with disabilities to integrate into our society.

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