Medical Caps
Rubber Medical caps

Medical rubber caps are  designed for sealing bottles with blood, blood…

It would seem, how stoppers and caps relate to medicine, but on the second thought, this relation is the most direct one. For example, with the help of rubber medical caps we seals glass bottles with a variety of drugs and medications that are used for patients’ treatment. Medical plastic protective caps also have found their wide application in medicine and pharmacology, with their help the plastic bottles with medicine are closed securely. Each of these products is made of environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to human health, and do not chemically react with the drug substances.
The “Kievguma” LLC company produces rubber caps of four types, depending on the assignment. Each type includes caps of different versions and head types. For example, depending on the design and size the caps relating to the first type has seven versions (1, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 5, 6), the second type of the caps has four versions (1, 2, 3, 3A), and the third type – two versions (1, 2). Rubber caps of the fourth type repeat designs of the first three types. There is a machine at pharmacological plant and there is a special tool at a pharmacy, which provides a crimp of the rubber caps with a protective aluminum cap.
“Kievguma» plant manufactures plastic caps with rubber wheels or thermo-elastic discs which is welded to the plastic bottles filled with drugs at pharmaceutical factories.
Every medical cap or stopper is produced of the high quality materials and is suitable for a long-term usage (over 3 years). Products of this quality can protect any drug or biological product from harmful external influences.

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