Products of “Albert-Kievguma Ltd”
PVC Ball Enemas B type, Intrinsically Safe (Female Spray)

PURPOSE Ball Enemas are designed for syringing and irrigation (watering)….

A-Type Enemas (With Soft Tip)

PURPOSE Enemas is designed for syringing, irrigation (watering) SPECIFICATIONS Full…

B-Type Enemas (With Hard Tip)

PURPOSE Enema is designed for syringing, irrigation (watering) SPECIFICATIONS Hollow…

Ball Enema B-2 (ASP) Nasal Aspirator

PURPOSE For fluid aspiration from body cavities. BENEFITS Special trauma-safe…


PURPOSE Designed for correction of pronounced genital prolapse. BENEFITS Manufactured…

Milk Collecting Vessel

PURPOSE For breastfeeding mothers; for protection of sensitive, sore or cracked…

Universal Breastpump

PURPOSE Designed to decantate the milk of the breastfeeding women…

Massage Suction Polycarbonate Cup

PURPOSE Designed to effect the blood and lymph circulation, causing…

It’s hardly thinkable to carry out a range of medical procedure and hygienic measures and young mothers’ mode of life without “Albert-Kievguma Ltd” production. This rank of output consists of massage suction plasticate cup, PVC Enemas, pessaries, milk collecting vessels, breastpumps, universal breastpumps, massage suction polycarbonate cups, underlayer rings, “Baby” hygienic kits, PVC ball Enemas B type, intrinsically safe (female spray).

PVC Enemas produced as hollow pear-shaped or oval-shaped cylinders, they assigned a number depending on size and capacity of a cylinder, and as well, they are dividing in to classes:

– Enema B type with hard plastic detachable tip, used for irrigation and douching;
– Enema A type with soft tip, inherent with the cylinder, also used for irrigation and douching;
– Enema B-2 type (ASP) (nasal aspirator) with detachable tip is used for nasal aspiration.
Pessaries refer to medical device used to treat some gynecological diseases. Rings are manufacturing in six different sizes, which differ in external and internal diameter, color and cross-sectional area.

Breast pump is irreplaceable thing in excess milk of a breastfeeding mothers, user-friendly, has the rubber bulb, expose to sterilization.

Universal breast pump packed with milk bottle and silicone teat.

Milk collecting vessel – is a protective measure for nursing mother’s nipples, it is represented by two hemisphere connected to each other with little hole for a nipple.

Massage suction polycarbonate or plastic cup is used for massage.

All products are manufactured on unique equipment from high quality, safe-heals and ecofriendly materials.

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