Brovary Day: first town “crawlers’ race”

September 21, Saturday, the most important event for all Brovary residents took place – celebration of the Town Day. The holiday gathered a great variety of people who had a chance to spend their time in many busy and exiting ways. To make the Brovary Day really interesting and unforgettable the representatives of Brovary Town Administration together with local enterprises arranged the celebration. Our Kievguma again joined the celebration arrangement team.

As we promised, this year we presented two locations. At the first one, located in the very centre of Peremoha Park, our enterprise presented our products line. We informed Brovary residents and holiday guests about our company achievements. Brovary residents expressed the great interest not only in the exhibited goods but to Kievguma as the employer as well. The people were actively interested in our vacancies, labour conditions and social guarantees.

“The crawlers’ race” arranged by GooGooKyiv TM became the whole point of the holiday. During the race the stage of Torhmash residential area was decorated with huge branded banners and attracted attention not only the race participants and their parents but many Brovary residents as well who gladly came to see the event.

The first “crawlers’ race” in Brovary created a furore for the onlookers: the kids cheered up by their parents crawled to the finish as fast as possible! Moms and dads made their best to attract the attention of their kids and help them to win the first marathon in their life. They used various “inducements” – starting from favourite toys and ending with TV remote control, mobiles and measure tapes. The kids seeing such interesting things at the finish willingly crawled towards the victory. Of course, each little participant was awarded with corporate goods and diplomas from GooGooKyiv. Moreover, not only the participants but many other kids whose parents were interested in our trade mark products received the presents. In the early evening the kids with multi coloured balloons from our brand flooded the park.

In general, this year holiday was jolly and bright. We are sure all the Brovary residents and town guests were completely satisfied with the celebration and received only positive emotions.

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