Pediatric Kit for Drug Administration


  • For facilitation and convenience of drug administration for infants.


  • Apart from drug administration, the kit is suitable for introduction of supplementary food for infants, and for various prophylactic procedures.
  • Resistant to repeated disinfection.


  • Consists of a milk silicone nipple and a 5 ml beaker. 
  • Guaranteed shelf life: 3 years.
  • Warranty: 1 month for health care facilities and 6 months for individuals.


  • Individual: blister;
  • Group: (corrugated box) – 90 pcs. 
You can buy our production in following trading networks:
1. “Epicentr” (Brovary city, Kyiv – 7 hypermarkets)
2. “Karavan” (under TM “Po-nashomu”, Kyiv – 3 Shopping Centre)
3. “Kosmo” (Kyiv – 58 stores, BilaTserkva city, Boryspilcity, Boiarkacity, Brovarycity, Vyshhorodcity, Irpincity, Slavutychcity, SofiivskaBorschahivkacity, Fastivcity, Buchacity).


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