Europen level dialectics!

Cooperation of Kievguma with the state institution “Ukrainian Export Promotion Office” becomes more and more fruitful! To assist us in promotion of our business and our products in EU countries the office invited two European experts to our enterprise at once.

Alan Murrey, the Head of British Industrial Security Federation – the leading state institution in security field visited us. Hank Vanhautt, the General Secretary of European Security Federation (Belgium) visited our company as well. The both specialists are the real experts in the matters of work place security improvement and communication about the required protection at production premises.

Mr Murrey and Mr Vanhautt learned the information about production processes of individual protection means: dielectric mats, boots, gloves. The experts stressed that our dielectric products have very high level and excellent quality. As the result of the meeting the experts provided us with detailed recommendations regarding the process of our products European certification.

We thank to the “Ukrainian Export Promotion Office” and European experts for the visit and their consultations! We are sure that very soon together we will be able to make Kievguma products accessible for the European community consumers.

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