"KIEVGUMA" is forge ahead



китай 1  With in the frame work of international cooperation, after conducting the necessary audits and verification of product quality, once again “Kievguma” has won the tender against foreign pharmacological manufacturers for the supply of a medical cap, the volumes of which significantly exceed existing capacity for these types of stopper for today.

   According to the stated amount of required production there is a need for new equipment. It is difficult to produce by the personnel of existing engineering and mechanical departments of our enterprise for a certain period of time, so our company was held a tender among Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers for the manufacture of molds, stamps and other necessary tools. 

штамповочный станок китайThe order was received by one of the famous Chinese companies, which is specialized on the manufacturing of accessories for pharmaceutical production. This manufacturer will be purchased new cutting press and all the necessary tools.

For the purpose of establishing the long-term relationships the delegation of Chinese companies headed by the Director General and commercial Director has arrived to the “Kievguma” on the 11-12th of May for negotiations.

китай 2

  As a result of negotiations an agreement was reached and the arrival of new equipment is expected this year in June. The appropriate equipment will enable to increase significantly the current production capacity in the pharmaceutical types of the caps in which there is a market demand. The visit of the management of the company “Kievguma” at the invitation of the Chinese company to the People’s Republic of China for the signing of new contracts and the exchange of professional experience is also planned.



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