Universal protective medical apron with PVC coveri

It is designated for additional protection of medical stuff clothes during various kinds of manipulations
• Reusable
• Made of high quality GumaTex material
• Moisture repellent
• Shall be disinfected
• Apron size can be changed by means of the stripes-strings
The apron shall not be ironed and dried on heating devices. Long-term contact with the surfaces heated above 50 ºС is not allowed.
Upon the work the apron shall be placed into a special container to be disinfected. The disinfection shall be made by the full immersion method into chloramine solution with 1% weight content (or other disinfectant solution) with not less than 30 minutes exposition. After that the apron shall be dried in vertical position at the room temperature or in the open air until it is completely dry. The drying time is 15 minutes – 2 hours depending the ambient temperature, humidity and drying place (indoors or outdoors).
Note. The apron shall not be sterilized in a steam sterilizer.
The apron in the manufacturer’s package shall be preserved indoors at the temperature from 5ºС to 40 ºС at the distance more than 1 m from the heating devices. The apron shall not be exposed to the direct sunlight, oil, petrol and other dissolvents.
The manufacturer guarantees the apron quality subject to storage and usage conditions.
Guaranteed storage life – 3 years upon the manufacture date.
Package: polyethylene bag





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