Protective apron against infectious agents

Protective apron against infectious agents
It is designed for additional protection of clothes of medical staff during carrying out various manipulations.
• Reusable
• Made of high quality fabric GumaTexTM
• Water-proof
• Subject for disinfection
• Size adjustment is done by ribbons
Width: 740 ± 20 mm
Height: 1030 ± 20 mm

Apron can not be ironed and dried on heaters, do not allow prolonged contact with surfaces whose temperature is above 50ºC.

After work, the apron is placed in a special container for disinfection. Disinfection is carried out by complete immersion
in a solution of chloramine with a mass fraction of 1% (or other disinfectant solution) with exposure for at least 30 minutes,
after which the apron is dried in an upright position at room temperature or in fresh air until dry. Drying time from 15 minutes to
2 hours depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and place of drying (indoors or outdoors).
Note. Not subject to sterilization in autoclaves.

Aprons in the manufacturer’s packaging should be stored indoors at a temperature of 5°C to 40°C at a distance of at least 1 m from the heaters. Apron should not be exposed to direct sunlight, lubricants, gasoline or other solvents.

The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the apron in compliance with the conditions of storage and operation.
Warranty period of storage – 3 years from the date of production.

PACKAGING: plastic bag

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