“Kolobok” Pacifier Case
  • For storage of pacifiers to prevent its contamination
  • It can be used as a toy-rattle
  • Easily attached to the stroller, crib, car seat
  • Resistant to repeated disinfection
  • Safe for your child: is made from high quality, durable non-toxic materials
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Warranty period - not exceeding one year


  • Individual: Plastic package with a cardboard 

You can buy our production in following trading networks:

1. “Epicentr” (Brovary city, Kyiv – 7 hypermarkets)

2. “Karavan” (under TM “Po-nashomu”, Kyiv – 3 Shopping Centre)

3. “Kosmo” (Kyiv – 58 stores, BilaTserkva city, Boryspil city, Boiarka city, Brovary city, Vyshhorod city, Irpin city, Slavutych city, Sofiivska Borschahivka city, Fastiv city, Bucha city).

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