Protective gown against infectious agents

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Protective gown against infectious agents is intended for protection of medical staff, patients (diseased), population, employees from influence of possible infectious agents, liquid chemicals, various pathogenic microbes, viruses, bacteria.


  • Subject to repeated disinfection of fabric
  • Made of high quality fabric
  • The helmet and sleeves of a gown have elastic cuffs for higher level of protection and comfort in work

Protective gown against infectious agents is produced in five sizes:
№1 (S) – size 48-52 (height from 158 to 165 cm)
№2 (M) – size 52-56 (height from 170 to 176 cm)
№3 (L) – size 52-56 (height from 182 to 188 cm)
№4 (XL) – size 52-56 (height from 188 to 194 cm)
№5 (XXL) – size 56-60 (height from 194 to 200 cm)

The gown has a wrap back and it is fixed on the strings at the waist.
The neck of the robe is sewn with elastic knitted ribbon, back it is fastened with ribbons. The sleeves are finished with a strong seam with an elastic band inside, which ensures a tight fit to the body.

It consists of a hood and a cape which are sewn together. The size and level of pressing the helmet to the face is regulated by two pairs of straps (in the neck and in the back of the head). The front neckline of the helmet is sewn with elastic knitted tape. The shoe covers are high (up to the middle of the knee). The top of the shoe covers is treated with a special seam with an elastic band inside, which ensures a tight fit to the body. The back a tape is sewn that allows to adjust the fit of the shoe to the body in the sock. The shoe cover has a sole of double fabric tightly stitched seams.

The set includes:
a) gown size № 1 (S), shoe covers high size № 1 (up to 40 size in shoes) or size №2 (from 41-46 size in shoes) and helmet size 56-60
b) gown size № 2 (M), shoe covers high size № 1 (up to 40 sizes in shoes) or size№2 (from 41-46 size in shoes) and helmet size 56-60
c) gown size № 3 (L), shoe covers high size № 2 (from 41-46 size in shoes) and helmet size 56-60
d) gown size № 4 (XL), shoe covers high size № 2 (from 41-46 size in shoes) and helmet size 56-60
e) gown size № 5 (XXL), shoe covers high size № 2 (from 41-46 size in shoes) and helmet size 56-60
Instruction for use – 1 pc.

At the beginning of the preventive measures, the medical staff change their clothes into a protective gown, which includes a helmet and a gown, and then puts on shoe covers. Clothes and shoe covers must be fastened tightly. Then the medical staff treats the hands with disinfectant and takes preventive measures. The duration of staff staying in protective clothing should not exceed 3 hours. After disinfection, before the next usage of clothes it’s necessary to carry out careful external inspection, in case of detection of damages – to direct clothes for utilization. Sets can not be ironed and dried on heaters, do not allow prolonged contact with surfaces whose temperature is above 50ºC. It is recommended to take care of all components of the set and its elements (ribbons, adhesive tapes, seams) for long-term storage and operation. In case of improper storage and operation of the set, the manufacturer is not responsible for its integrity.

After work, the sets are placed in a special container for disinfection. Disinfection is carried out by complete immersion in a solution of chloramine with a mass fraction of 1% (or other disinfectant solution) with exposure for at least 30 minutes, after which the sets are dried in an upright position at room temperature or in fresh air until dry. Drying time from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and place of drying (indoors or outdoors).

Note. Not subject to sterilization in autoclaves.

Sets in the manufacturer’s packaging should be stored indoors at a temperature of 5°C to 40°C at a distance of at least 1 m from the heaters. Sets should not be exposed to direct sunlight, lubricants, gasoline or other solvents.

The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the sets in compliance with the conditions of storage and operation.

Warranty period of storage of sets – 3 years from the date of production.

PACKAGING: plastic bag

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