Albert-Kievguma LTD packing innovations!

We are glad to inform you about the renewed design for Albert-Kievguma LTD trademark packing. Starting from now you can purchase Ае and Ве type ball syringes, breast pump, massage polycarbonate cups, etc. packed in cardboard boxes with Euro hang tabs with the renewed design as well. The supplementary packing line has been developed for the customers’ convenience taking into account modern market tendencies. Moreover, it has a number of the following advantages:

– product protection from mechanical damage, dust and moisture penetration,

– presentable appearance,

– convenience for shelf location, transportation, storage

– environmentally friendly: the cardboard does not pollute the environment and is liable to recycling.

Kievguma is constantly developing its technologies and working over the product quality improvement. Thus we are sure all the customers will like the new packing and it will assure the further trademark success!

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