How often shall we replace gaskets for windows and balcony doors?

We all want our windows to serve for a long time with a proper quality. Thus we should take care of them on a regular basis. So, the timely replacement of the gaskets helps us to prolong the window service life. Let’s find out how often we have to replace them and whether we can do on our own.

There are two types of window gaskets: the first ones are used for sealing directly the glass unit and the others – for sealing the ledge.

Replacement of glass unit gaskets shall be made only by specialists. The sealers of this type serve for a long time which is equal to their warranty period.

The other thing is the ledge sealers.  They undergo the mechanical influence more often so they wear out more often.

Deciding when you have to replace the window and balcony door gaskets you have to take into account the locality where the house is situated. If it is rather quiet the gasket shall be replaced once per five or even ten years.

A different story is about the houses located at the places of constant movement: construction objects, highways, etc. Under such conditions the windows start to be blown by the wind which can be improved by the gasket replacement. If you reside in the houses located in such populated areas we would advise you to install new gaskets approximately once per three years depending on their actual condition.

Kievguma LLC offers high quality window ledge gaskets. Our products line includes TEP and rubber (EPDM) gaskets. They protect the window from blowing through, moister penetration and create high level of sound insulation. The gaskets are supplied in coils, 350-450 meters each as well as 12 meters packages for those who are going to replace them independently. You can purchase the gaskets at Epicenter and Nova Linia hypermarkets network, Rozetka online retailer.

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