«Kievguma» has opened the doors to Brovary students


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One of the most powerful enterprises of rubber products production in Ukraine is now open to the general public.

The other day at Brovarsky enterprise, which history dates back to the 30s of the last century, was started the tradition – to be open to the population of Brovary, in particular to the young people, and to conductperiodic study tours with the production process of the enterprise.

The first step in this direction was the decision to conduct tours for the high school students of Brovary secondary schools and students of vocational lyceum of the city.

On Friday, the 15th of April,studentsof 9-vclass of secondary school №5 have got for a tour of the company, which is headed by the Genera Director Andrii Ostrogrud.

The head of the marketing department Vadym Lutsak for about an hour had discovered to children and teachers the secret of obtaining a number of everyday products that surround us and the origin of which people often do not think. Baby pacifiers, bandages, rubber medical pipes, hotwater bottles, gloves — a lot of various products produced at the enterprise.

For firefighters, electricians, hospitals — all sorts of products that may even save many lives.

According to Mr. Lutsak, today the company “Kievguma” has a strong team of managers who find the markets of the goods sales — there are state orders, in particular, from the Ministry of health, private hospitals or medical institutions, other partners — permanent and non-permanent in other industries. Products are realized not only in Ukraine, but also in 22 countries of the world.Екскурсия

During the tour the children might see different kinds of processes: how are made of the dielectric gloves and boots for electricians. Their tools here are tested for their ability not to pass the electric current. The highest category of the gloves quality is holding back the voltage up to 20 kV. How are made the medical “fingertips”, hot water bottles, harnesses, how then everything is stored.

During the tour the presenter asked to be careful, to obey the safety rules,in one department he drew attention to the fact that you may not cross the yellow lines, in others (where are the baby pacifiers and nipples produced) — to wear a special cap to hide the hair — should not be allowed to, at least little hairs got into the materials.

Interestingly, that the company has the complete equipment to fully repair the engineering toolsand the machines involved in the process, without attracting materials for repair from outside.

Under the end of the tour Vadym Anatoliyovych has told the story of the enterprise, in particular, why it has the name “Kievguma”, and not the “Brovaryguma”. In particular, it was interesting to learn that the company began its journey as part of the system of Rubber Production Industry of the People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industryand was called “KrasniyRezinshik”.

At the end of the meetingthe workers have presented small gifts with the company logo to each of the student.

As the head of the marketing department Vadym Lutsak has told to the correspondent, today the company (workforce of about five hundred people), unfortunately, don’t have cooperation with educational institutions, which would trained staff specifically for the enterprise. “But such tours are very necessary, — says Mr. Lutsak, because there is a like lihood that the children, who will see so many interesting and unusual might want to work in this industry.” At the same time, there is an idea — to build at the plant or in the city a dormitory for nonresident employees. So far, this idea is in the process of implementation.

Now such tours will be held at the enterprise twice a month.



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