“KIEVGUMA” has successfully been certified by TÜV Austria

CertifNodays, a lot of manufacturers seek to strengthen their competitive abilities and gain global recognition of the quality of their products and services. But the main requirements to the products being supplied to the European markets is safety and harmlessness for people, animals and environment. Among the ways of achieving these goals there are introduction and certification of management systems based on the international standards.

“KIEVGUMA” Company was certified and obtained a conformity certificate TÜV Austria of the management system to the requirements of EN ISO 13485:2012 standard.

TÜV Austria Group is acknowledged by the European certification body, this is the company that seeks to provide the technical safety, environmental protection, and improves quality of products and services.

TÜV Austria Certificate confirms that “KIEVGUMA” LLC applies the quality management system for medical productsin the following areas: designing, manufacturing and wholesale of rubber and polymer medical products. But most importantly, TÜV Austria certificate is a guarantee of safe and high quality products, as well as opens up for us the possibility of expanding the market segment for sale of the products and access to the world market.

TÜV Austria certificate is an assurance of advantages of the “KIEVGUMA” products among the manufacturers ofmedical products.

So far, “KIEVGUMA” LLC has conformity certificates of ДСТУ ISO 9001:2009 (ISO9001:2008), ДСТУ ISO 13485:2005 and international ones: TUV SUD ISO9001:2008 и TÜV Austria EN ISO 13485:2012.

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