"KIEVGUMA" entered the catalog of leading companies on the quality of Central and Eastern Europe 2015

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In August of this year with the support of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) was published the catalog “Central and Eastern Europe. Highest Quality 2015 “.

We are glad to inform you that KIEVGUMA LLC has entered the catalogue as a finalist of 20-th Ukrainian national competition of quality, that was conducted by the Ukrainian association of quality.

On the pages of the catalogue the General Director of KIEVGUMA LLC – Andrii Ostrogrud told about achievements and of key factors, which became the key to success in his interview.


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Finalist of the 20th Ukrainian Quality Contest

Founded: 1930

Number of employees: 486


Ostrogrud Andrii – General Director of “KIEVGUMA” LLC, the winner of the contest of 100 best top-managers of Ukraine, was awarded the commemorative “Pride of the Nation” by the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Dear Friends!

We would like to share our success that is based on the trust of customers with you. It is the knowledge and professionalism of the team of KIEVGUMA LLC forms the powerful potential of the company. But the greatest experience of all competitors helps in the ability to effectively manage costs, plan and achieve the best results. The company is 100% fulfilling its obligations, at any price! And on the same principle chooses reliable partners, both buyers and suppliers. The key competence of “Kievguma” is the ability to produce any products of rubber on the wishes of consumers (according to drawings, samples or idea). This allows the company to operate successfully in many different markets, be resistant to their fluctuations. To find ideas for new products, all new products on the market are explored and bought on the market, and making decisions of the development of improved analogues. Another source of ideas is the monitoring of targeted online forums and sites, visit specialized exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Information on markets and consumer needs are summarized in monthly, quarterly and annual marketing reports, including SWOT-analysis.

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 While new products are being developed, some conducted case studies are held in the field (for example, medical tourniquet that was handed free in ATO), added with the targeted surveys. For all the types of products there are some specially designed cards, containing all information relevant to consumers, including consumer characteristics and competitive advantages. 

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In addition to the development of new species, existing products are improved too (for example, the fourth variant is now produced medical cork – №1 product). To quickly introduce new products, the company itself designs and manufactures equipment, developing recipes of rubber compounds by itself. Marginality is analyzed in monthly periods, due to the types of production, contractors, with a tendency reasons analysis. If the marginality is low, than new ways for reducing expenses are held (for example: repositioning of the production to the premium segmentation). 

85 лет успеха

To meet the consumers interests, company is developing partnerships with manufacturers of related products (medical vials and caps), looking for new customers. Same is with organization of sending joint product packages.

The release of a wide range of products requires highly skilled personnel. There is a special system of internal training of workers: a training base is set up, having a license for training in industrial specialties, with prepared internal teachers. As a result – the majority of workers can combine different functions, working in several specialties. For further development of employees there are some mentors determined from among qualified professionals who receive a fee for coaching. 

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Source: p. 66 – 67 https://uaq.org.ua/docs/Turnir_10_2015_PQ.pdf  

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