Kievguma fulfilled conditions of the contract signed with the Ministry of Defense

In December Kievguma terminated the supply under the contract signed with the Ministry of Defense regarding the supply of medical general military individual kits. So we were able to meet our obligations related to the military sector of the state in time!

At present our company takes a lot of efforts to develop tactic medicine goods manufacture. Kievguma  is confidently keeping the garland of victory among the Ukrainian manufacturers not only in this product category but in rubber and technical goods, medical, pharmaceutical products made of rubber, latex and silicone, TEP, PVC and other composite materials.

The quality of Kievguma products is confirmed by the international TUV ZUD and TUV Austria certificates. Thus, our medical military kits completely comply with the NATO standards.  Despite the high and strict requirements to the medical kits content we were able to produce the high quality tactic medicine products. So the majority of goods included into the medical kit, are produced directly by our company.

We hope that our future cooperation with the Ministry of Defense will be fruitful in the same way. For more than two years Kievguma has been supplying the qualitative goods for Ukrainian military so we hope to prolong our partnership relations tested by the time itself.

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