Kievguma enlarges its product line

Despite the quarantine limitations which have stopped the companies’ development all over the world, Kievguma LLC is going on to enlarge its product line. We have launched the manufacture of dielectric flock lined gloves. The gloves development started already in the end of 2019. The rubber dielectric gloves are electrically isolating individual protection means protecting from electric shock while live working.



The following sizes are class: 00, 0 and class 1.

Such gloves are popular in Europe as they have a number of advantages comparing to the ordinary gloves. First of all the flock lined gloves are much more comfortable for your skin than the contact with latex. Secondly, they fix the hand in a better way and work in winter time becomes more “pleasant”.

“In Ukraine no one except us manufactures the dielectric gloves. So we may say that we are setting the trend – adopting the European experience. Now we are learning how to launch new products in the market. Of course, the main function of dielectric gloves is electric shock protection. At the same time, it’s very important for them to be convenient. In Germany such gloves have been in trend for a long time already. The flock lined dielectric gloves is an elite product. Thus we work them out paying our utmost attention to the all stages of their production technology,” – says Ihor Otkydach, the Head of Dipping Products of Molded and Non-Molded Methods Production.

Kievguma LLC dielectric gloves are manufactured from natural rubber. They comply with the requirements of DSTU IEC 60903: 2008 standard, as well as individual protection means technical regulations.


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