Kievguma and EBRD: production processes improvement

 On June 27 Grygoriy Gossen – a consulting product engineer on production of gloves and textile covers with polymer basis visited Kievguma. The visit was within the framework of our enterprise and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development cooperation (EBRD).

Mr. Gossen visited Kievguma to provide consultations regarding dielectric gloves quality improvement. His really precious recommendations will help us to enhance our work at the direction of gloves compliance with the European Union directives requirements. In its turn Kievguma will be able to expand the sales markets and sale its products to many European countries.

Mr. Gossen visited our enterprise not for the first time already. He helped us to develop this product direction and prepare to launch of a new technology of dielectric gloves with glued textile production. This product will help to protect people from the electric arc.

Our common aim is to enlarge the product line of high quality Kievguma products which will be distributed in Europe. We are grateful Grygoriy for his visit and assistance in the improvement of our production. We are looking forward to new meetings!

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