Kievguma celebrates its 90th anniversary

On May 29 Kievguma LLC celebrated the double holiday: the company birthday and Chemist’s Day. This year the 90th anniversary of the company foundation was celebrated. The company has a lot of achievements to be proud of and to recollect for many years of its work. Today Kievguma is the industry leader in Ukraine and it is well-known in many other countries. The company has proven it can reach all the set goals and move forward overcoming all the obstacles and barriers.

Company history

1930… A small enterprise Chervonyi Humovyk possessed 2 dipping machines and had 80 employees.

The products manufactured by the plant could be placed into 1 trolley. The pre- war 5 year periods promoted Chervonyi Humovyk plant turning into the leading enterprise of dipping products manufacture in the county. At the period of German Nazi occupation the plant in Kyiv was completely destroyed. Its reconstruction began in 1944. In 1950-1960 the active modernization began: new workshops and labs were built. The production volumes were enlarged several times. At the beginning of 1970s a new generation conveyor belt line of continuous manufacture of children milk teats and pacifiers made of natural rubber – 50 million items/year was launched. The production of medical latex droppers at automated line was also launched. In 1983 Mykola Mykhailovych Kravets headed the company. Thanks to him Chervonyi Humovyk received a new name – Kievguma and became the industry leader not only in Ukraine but in the CIS as well. The company celebrated its 75th anniversary with this honourable status.

In 2008 Keivguma took the decision to move from its rented site in Kyiv to its own land plot in Brovary. In 2013 the company production capacities were transferred into a new area and the solemn opening of Kievguma in Brovary took place.

Company’s moving to Brovary was a start with a clean slate for the company history.

Kievguma is leading in Ukraine and all over the world

Today you can see Keivguma products at every step. The products assortment line includes more than 4 k names. The enterprise covers the following industries: from pharmaceutics to agriculture, from oil and gas to automobile industry. Taking into account the unique nature of the company in Ukraine as well as its great perspectives for the export to the European countries Kievguma the top managers invest about 90% income into the new equipment purchase. Production processes systematic automation considerably increases products efficiency and quality. Thus, about 1 million dollars has been invested into the production modernization starting from the company movement to Brovary.

One of the main company goals is opening new markets and products developing. The enterprise takes part in the Ukrainian and abroad fairs in Europe and Asia on a regular basis. It analyses the market, learns new technologies and creates innovative, even non-standard, products which can compete at the international market due to their high quality. Today Kievguma products are exported to more than 30 countries. The company has received European certification TUV SUD ISO 9001 and TÜV Austria EN ISO 13485.

Kievguma – socially-conscious company

2020 has prepared some new challenges for the whole world. Covid-2019 pandemic hit the Ukrainian economy and our company as well. The company could not stand aside the issue of biological protection absence. In short term we worked out the drawings and launched the production of protective clothes and medical overalls. We restored the latex medical gloves production line. The experts have worked out a unique non-disposable material. It passed all the required tests and examinations. We received all the necessary documents. The material can be disinfected about 100 times. Upon requirement Kievguma is ready to provide individual protection means for the whole country.

Kievguma has received the merited fame among the leading business organizations as one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises. The company cooperates and is a member of the following organisations: European Business Association (EBA), EBRD, Export Promotion Office of Ukraine, Entrepreneurs Alliance of Ukraine, UNIC all-Ukrainian compliance network, Trade and Commerce Chamber of Ukraine, etc.

Kievguma is a socially-conscious company. Each specialist receives a full social package, vacations and sick-leaves, medical insurance, corporate events and transfer paid by the company.

Taking into account the limitations regarding solemn events the company celebrated its 90th anniversary not making a big deal of it. During the solemn part Andrii Ostrohrud greeted all the employees and expressed his gratitude to everyone for their precious contribution into the company development. He stressed that cooperation and commitment to the work of each employee are the most important success factors of Kievguma. The representatives of the town authorities headed by Ihor Sapozhko, the town Mayor has visited the celebration. He greeted the company top-managers and employees with the jubilee and stressed the huge role of Kievguma national manufacturer in the life of the town and country in general. Upon the solemn part there was an official buffet.

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