Kievguma has successfully passed the regular supervisory audit

The supervisory audit of the production of sterile medical devices and first aid kits was held at Kievguma today. The audit was conducted by the Ukrainian Center for Medical Certification and Forecasting. The auditors of the Center checked the quality system of the enterprise, which covers all stages – from design projects, laboratory research and production processes in the shops to the work of logistics and the composition of finished products.

Kievguma successfully passed the regular supervisory audit and confirmed the high standards of work, because the proper compliance with quality standards at all stages of production were demonstrated.

The certificate certifies that the quality management system of design and development, production and wholesale of medical sterile and non-sterile products meets the requirements of DSTU EN ISO 13485:2018 (EN ISO 13485:2016, IDT, ISO 13485:2016, IDT).


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