Medical anatomic latex gloves from Kievguma: enhanced protection for pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has made a huge influence on the whole world and put at threat hundreds of thousands of people at all the continents. Today we have to do our best to stop the fast moving contagion inside the country and save people’s lives. Unfortunately, our doctors, medical staff, military, police and all the other people contacting with potentially ill people are in the high risk contagion zone as there is a deficiency of individual protection means.

Kievguma is the only full cycle Ukrainian company producing rubber, latex, PVC, TEP and silicone products, including a wide assortment of individual protection means. Taking into account our big production capacities and experience as well as the high threat level for working people we’ve decided to reanimate the production of medical anatomic latex gloves with enhanced protection level. Our technologists have developed the oblong gloves cuffs and strengthened the gloves walls (by means of thicker latex layer). Due to the above mentioned characteristics the gloves not only protect a person from contagion but have more cutting and piercing resistance. Moreover the gloves are subject to disinfection so they can be used many times as distinguished from the other single use gloves represented on the market. The gloves anatomic form and soft textured surface preserve the tactual sense and ensure maximal comfort during the long time of their usage.

So we are sure the medical latex gloves manufactured by Kievguma will protect the doctors, medical staff and everyone contacting with the potentially ill people while performing their job.

If you have any questions or would like to make an order, please, contact us by e-mail: Our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.

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