Kievguma latex gloves are the alternative to import products


Today, the situation related to goods import taking into account the quarantine restrictions all over the world, has had a considerable influence on many companies business and resulted into the lack of some products essential for staff protection.

Thus, this situation is related to latex medical and protective gloves.
Before the epidemic beginning our products could hardly compete with the cheap equivalent products of inferior quality made in China and Malaysia. As of today the situation with the imported products is that the Ukrainian distributors should invest their costs into the goods purchase and wait for the supply for a few months to satisfy the needs. To mitigate the commercial risks the majority of companies prefer national manufacturers. So, to complete all the orders in due time Kievguma for the last 3 months has considerably enlarged its production of latex protective gloves and updated the production line for latex medical anatomic gloves. Under the circumstances the conditions favourable to quick and well timed provision of healthcare institutions, state authorities, communal services and retail trade with qualitative products made in Ukraine have been created. We are working to provide our state with as many goods as required produced in Ukraine under all conditions without depending on the import.

Kievguma LLC is the single full cycle manufacturer of latex gloves in Ukraine. It has 90 year old history of medical goods manufacture. The production capacities of our enterprise allow us to manufacture more than 40k pairs of gloves per month.

Only the national manufacturers can build a strong and independent state.

We are strong only staying while together!


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