Best housewife assistant – latex gloves “SUPER GLOVES”!

“Kievguma” company have started to produce household gloves “Super Gloves”, made of high-quality, natural material – latex.

It needs to be admitted that “Kievguma” is the only company that products such gloves in a complete cycle of manufacture (from import of natural latex, preparing latex mix, manufacturing of gloves itself, quality control and packaging) in Ukraine.

Special ceramic hand models are used to provide a perfect shape that would allow latex to fit to the skin as tight as possible, not restricting the movement and providing the highest level of protection.

The key characteristic of the manufacture is seamless technology provided by dipping ceramic hand models in natural latex, followed by drying in vulcanization camera.

Gloves are available in three different sizes: S, M and L. 

It is planned to release some extra modifications of gloves – universal, ultra strong and with an elongated sleeve.

The convenience of use, in addition to the already mentioned advantages of gloves “Super Gloves”, except their anatomical shape, also provides a special relief, which grants fixation and prevents slipping of items.hends

These characteristics provide maximum freedom of movement, which reduces hand fatigue.

  It should also be recalled that latex gloves have a number of special advantages:

• Are strong and more resistant to breakage under tension;

• High elasticity and sensitivity;

• For multiple use.

According to the results of tests gloves “Super Gloves” and competitive samples that were carried out in a certified and accredited laboratory, which is a part of “Kievguma”  structure, the strength characteristics of our gloves at all times above analogs available in the market.

We remind that the quality management and safety management systems are implemented in the company and based on the international standards. Nowadays, “Kievguma” LLC has conformity certificates of DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO9001:2008), DSTU ISO 13485:2005 and international ones: TUV SUD ISO9001:2008 and TÜV Austria EN ISO 13485:2012.



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