Sealing Rubber Rings for Hydraulic Devices

Sealing ring designed to seal the gap between the cylinder and the piston (plunger rod) in hydraulic devices.

           Example of reference designation for ordering:
          Sealing ring for cylinder 40 mm
          20 mm rod of rubber Group 1


Dimension type, according to the drawing
under ТU 38.1051725-86
32х20-1 85х60-1
110х85-1 50х30-1
80х60-1 140х110-4
90х70-1 160х130-4
100х80-1 150х120-4
45х25-1 190х160-4
55х35-1 180 х150-4
60х40-1 170х140-4
80х55-4 200х170-4
75х55-1 210х180-4
70х50-1 300х340-1
under GOST 14896-84
1-130х110-6 1-105х125-6
1-120х100-6 1-200х180-6
1-80х65-6 1-320х280, 1-340х320-6


Storage warranty period of the sealing rings produced according to TU 38.1051725-86 – 0.5 years from date of manufacture
Warranty period of the sealing rings produced in accordance with GOST 14896-84 type 1: 2-3 years from date of manufacture.

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