“Medica-2018” in Dusseldorf: Kievguma achievements

Some days ago the biggest International Medical Exhibition “Medica-2018” finished in Dusseldorf.

It was a significant event for all the producers, suppliers and companies providing services related to the field of medicine. For the first time our company participated in the European fair. So, traditionally, we summarize and tell about the most interesting moments and results of “Medica-2018”.

The fair gathered representatives of the biggest companies related to medicine from all over the world. At the event they were able to show their achievements and exhibit the newest technologies and equipment. Moreover, a lot of visitors came there to receive new experience, on the basis of which they will be able to improve the medical sphere in their country.

Ukraine was represented only by four companies. There was only one whole cycle producer among them – our Kievguma. That’s why we raised a great interest among the visitors. The representatives of medical business not only from Europe but from Asia and Africa as well were interested in us.

The most popular were the goods for children presented by us. The visitors emphasized their quality which is equal to the European quality. They also paid attention to our wide product assortment as well as interesting and distinctive product design. They were interested in our other medical goods as well: medical kits, hot water bottles, tactic medicine products.

At “Medica-2018” we received a lot of new contracts and focused on partnership with some potential partners. We properly represented our country on such a high level and demonstrated to the entire world that Ukrainian manufacturers can produce medical goods of the high quality. And of course we will continue to participate in such prominent events, so such kind of the fair will not be the last one for us.

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