Membrane fabric of 0,6 mm: again for the first time in Ukraine and again by Kievguma

We are pleased to announce that Kievguma production range has been replenished with another novelty product – a membrane fabric (rubberized fabric) with material thickness of 0.6 mm. The first company in Europe to develop a technology for the production of membrane fabric was the company Effbe, France. Now, having improved our own technological processes, we were able to produce a 0.6 mm thick fabric and reach the quality level of the first European manufacturer. Our company was the first in Ukraine to have done it. Prior to that, the thinnest rubberized fabric of Ukrainian production had at least 0.8 mm in section.

The membrane fabric is made in a non-molded way by the process of vulcanization and has the widest range of applications – from injection systems to pumps and gas meters. We make a fabric in NF climatic modification of category 4 in accordance with GOST 15150 and, therefore, it has excellent operational characteristics at a temperature from -40 ºС to + 50ºС.

We call on you to support domestic production and buy a Ukrainian product so that we work tirelessly to ensure that the market of rubber products in Ukraine satisfies the most demanding customers.

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