Membrane Fabric

Membrane Fabric (rubberized fabric) is a technical fabric, rubberized and vulcanized on both sides.

Scope of use of the membrane fabric is broad, namely it is used for production of flat membranes, which are used at different nodes of many machines and appliances, car carburetors, fuel pumps, also it is used for manufacture membranes for gas and fuel injection equipment. The membrane fabric is designed taking into account the mechanical, thermal and chemical effects in the respective applications.

          Main applications of membrane fabric:

          – Pressure regulators;

          – Gas regulators;

          – Safety valves;

          – Injection system;

          – Hydro accumulators;

          – Gas meters;

          – Carburetors;

          – Pumps.

          The membrane fabric is made in the vulcanized by using molded and non-molded method. Operating environments are air, gasoline, fuel oils, and their vapors at -60 to + 120 ° C.


        Membrane  Fabric rubber is made in “Moderately cold” climatic design of the category 4 in accordance with GOST 15150 and is applicable at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C.

    Dimensions, mm:

Max. deviation
0,6 (new) ±0,05
0,8 +0,3
1,0 +0,5 до -0,2
1,2 +0,5 до -0,4
1,5 ±0,5
2,0 ±0,5
2,5 ±0,5

        Shelf life : 1 year from date of manufacture.

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