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     A few months ago we were approached by the international economic publication «Manufacturing Journal» in connection with the increased interest in the industrial potential of Ukraine on the part of European investors. When choosing the leaders in the manufacture of rubber products the choice fell on LLC “KIEVGUMA” as one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of most of the range of products made of rubber, silicone, PVC and plastics. You can read the article in this publication below.

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      “Kievguma” LLC is now a national scale enterprise, which aims at the production of rubber products. Through years of experience, continuous development, upgrade of technology and production base, it currently holds a leading position in its industry.


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Important moments in the history of company’s development

Company’s history begins in 1930 year. On the today’s territory of enterprise was established the factory under the name “Kievkauchuk” LLC which, thanks to the rapid development in 1931 was adopted by The Main Rubber Industrial Commissariat of Heavy Industry. The plant became known as “Red rubber”. In 1994 the company was reorganized into “Kievguma” and then, in 2008, into “Kievguma”LLC. In 2013 it was carried out the planned launch of production capacity at its own new industrial site located in Brovary. The company, in its entire 85-year history has always been one of the leaders of the industry, and today – the unconditional leader of the industry in Ukraine of the number of workers in the enterprise; in terms of salary and benefits package; in terms of production volume in tones and dollars; of the company’s profits, brand awareness, and export potential.жУРНАЛ 0


Success based on customers’ trust

The knowledge and professionalism of “Kievguma”LLC team are the powerful potential of the company. And the greatest experience among all competitors makes the ability to effectively manage the cost, plan and achieve the best results. The company is 100% fulfilling its obligations no matter whatever that costs! And on the same principle it chooses reliable partners, both buyers and suppliers.

The activities, production and the main products of the company

“Kievguma” LLC produces more than 2500 kinds of products made of rubber, silicone, PVC, plastics, latex and TEP. Its products are used in many industries, such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, heavy industry, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, automotive, sports and everyday life. That is absolutely everywhere, because the rubber – is the third material in the world for use after metal and plastic! The company has a great technology portfolio, about which we can talk endlessly. Production technologies include both the “old” equipment of Soviet times (something that passes overhaul and modernization – sets modern controllers, etc.), as well as advanced equipment, production lines – of the German, Austrian, Polish, Italian and of course Asian (China, Taiwan, Korea) manufacturers. This means that the daily use involves more than 300 units of industrial equipment, not including machine and manufacturing tool.

Exports, new markets and financial results

ЖУРНАЛ 3Today, it exports about 45% of all goods – mostly including the CIS and the Baltic Sea countries. In turn, the company plans to expand, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. Only in those countries, there are about 100 million people., which is only 1.5 times less than the market of the Russian Federation. And recently received certifications of ISO 9001 TUV SUD and EN ISO 13485 TUV Austria just give an opportunity to enter new markets. The dynamic development strategy of the company brings financial results. Namely, before the financial crisis, in 2006-2007, and in 2011-2012, before the relocation of the company when it has not worked for over a year, the its revenue was at the level of 20-25 million dollars. Now due to the exchange rates, first of all hryvnia’s, in 2015 the company plans its revenue at the level of 10-12 million dollars. Over the past 10 years, the company’s shareholders, all of whom hold the positions of top managers, consciously made the decision that all profits will be invested in production.

The staff of the company, mission and core values

The company has a group of experienced and creative people, staff numbers 450 people, but in a group of companies working about 50 employees, that is, in general, 500 people work every day for the benefit and prosperity of the company. In the structure of the company there are 32 services, including shops, sites and departments. Mission of the company, its vision and values can be described in one sentence: “Being the first in everything, but being honest, fair and useful.”ЖУРНАЛ 1

New developments and future plans

In connection with the move to a new, own production site, the structure of the company has changed, areas of industrial activity have expanded, both energy and administrative costs have reduced. At this point, a lot of time and money is directed to the development and modernization of not only primary, but also secondary production: mechanical repair shop, station tooling, design department, marketing, etc. Increase of sales annually by 20% or more due to the development of new markets and new types of products – that is the company’s development plans for the near future. Therefore, “Kievguma” LLC plans new investments. Firstly, only in 2015 despite the difficult times, now have already invested in equipment, technology and snap more than 500 thousand dollars. Have been just signed the contract of manufacture and supply of a new production line of the German company for the production of non-molded products from TEP and PVC, and the contract with the Taiwanese company to supply a new vacuum press. In 2016 “Kievguma” LLC plans to invest in the development more than 1 million dollars. The company is constantly introducing new products and brands. The very name of “Kievguma” LLC – is its core brand. Also, the company adds more than 30 new types of molded and non-molded products every month.

The pride of the company – its profit


         The company works more on the result – that is its revenue and profit, and not chase for the awards. Although company has enough of them: award from the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, from the regional and municipal authorities, from foundations which company helps, the churches, etc.

However, the main pride of the company is the team and its achievements. 

Written by Ganna Prudnikova

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