Town and business under the pandemic conditions –Board of Directors headed by the town mayor was held at Kievguma

Finally, the long lasting quarantine ended and Kievguma welcomed respectable guests for the first time at their premises. We were glad to accept the town authorities’ proposition to conduct Brovary Board of Directors on May 14 at our enterprise. The main subject of the meeting was the discussion of town business problems under the pandemic situation and ways of their solving. Kievguma, being one of the first enterprises that joined the common fight with the epidemic, was glad to arrange the prompt event.

The meeting was visited by the heads of town healthcare institutions, communal enterprises and big companies. Ihor Sapozhko, the town mayor, opened the meeting. First of all, the town mayor and healthcare institutions representatives told the visitors about the general issues related to Covid-19 in our town. The situation is under control and it is one of the best in our region. The town mayor one more time expressed his gratitude for coordinated cooperation and assistance to all the enterprises that joined to the pandemic fight. At the meeting everyone had a chance to share the finance, HR issues and the general business conditions as well as to tell about the challenges they had to deal promptly under the pandemic circumstances.

Taking the opportunity all the participants were able to see individual protection means manufactured by Kievguma and receive more information about them. The guests gave high assessments to our biological protection clothes and latex gloves of various modifications. We were pleased that our fruitful work is the assistance, first of all, to each health care worker to perform his/her duty with confidence and complete safety using the individual protection means produced by Kievguma.

We thank our guests and we are looking forward to the next meeting!

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