Universal Urinal


  • For urgent urine collection by males and females anywhere in the absence of stationary WC or impossibility to use it.


  • Provides safe and hygienically pure satisfaction of personal care needs.
  • A special bump inside the neck to avoid splashing of urine.
  • Is disposable and does not need disinfection before use.
  • The pouch is made of a special microporous water permeable material. This material is resistant to acids and alkalis.
  • No liquid is poured from the pouch as it is converted into gel.
  • Products manufactured of this material are non-toxic and nonallergenic.
  • The shape of the neck allows tight fitting to both male and female


  • The outer pack is a polyethylene reservoir with a single hole, into which the adapter in the form of an oval-shaped neck is inserted.
  • The neck has the form into which a male genital organ is easy to insert, and it follows the shape of a female perineum at the same time.
  • Volume of absorbed liquid: up to 500 ml.
  • Guaranteed shelf life: 2 years.


  • Urinal consists of the following parts: 1 ― neck, 2 ― outer pack, 3 ― internal pouch, 4 ― superabsorber.


  • Individual: carton box.
  • Group (corrugated box): 40 pcs.


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