New visit of Epicentr to Kievguma

On Friday, June 21 Kievguma again welcomed representatives of Epicentr Trade Centres National Network. The company representatives had already visited our enterprise before. Still this visit gathered the most of all visitors. This time about 20 top managers and managers of Epicentr became our guests.

At first, during the informative visit to our show room, the guests were demonstrated a new product line of Kievguma. A lot of visitors admitted they couldn’t even imagine such a variety of goods. Besides, in the show room the Epicentr representatives learned a lot of interesting facts about Kievguma history, its economic achievements and acknowledgement in many world countries.

Upon the show room visit the guests were shown the most interesting things – processes of goods manufacture from rubber, latex, silicone and PVC. The production capacities, its efficiency and alignment as well as 100% professionality of workshop workers genuinely surprised all the visitors.

Kievguma expresses its gratitude to Epicentr for the visit. We are sure that such visits help our partners to estimate our enterprise capacities in a better way. We always can make individual orders as well and produce the goods with the own trademarks of our partners. Such cooperation form always brings the unconventional benefit for each party.

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