Equipment upgrade – company innovation development stage

SIMG 7331The time makes companies to adapt to the present, to change equipment to the new one as well as to substitute technological processes by the more progressive ones.  

August 1 is a significant day for our enterprise – the new equipment was installed at the molded products production shop! 

Assambly of five new generation presses (we should mention that the project investment amount is about USD 800 k) was conducted at the hot summer  days but it did not prevent from implementation of such large scale planned works. For installation of five 18 ton stations (each of them included two presses) there were used two mobile truck cranes with 20 and 50 ton lifting capacity. SMG 7362

Assembly and setting of the new vacuum presses in the shortest period of time is a top significance issue for the company.

Taking into account that a medical stopper is a popular selling product both among the local and foreign pharmaceutical companies  enhancement of our production capacities will allow us to supply all our customers with high quality goods in sufficient quantity in the shortest period of time.

We are sure that putting into operation of such important equipment will be successfully done according to the defined deadline. 

sIMG 7406The most important thing is that it became possible only due to the coordinated and professional work of all engineering departments: mechanical service, repair and construction unit, electric supply service. We are enormously grateful to all the progect participants. 


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